As with all BioAg nutrient programs, BioAg Tree Crop (including nut crop) fertiliser and fertility programs are tailored to suit the requirements of each block.

BioAg nutrient programs complement any previous programs on a block, and through our beneficial soil health technology provide the added benefit of unlocking previously applied nutrients.

A BioAg fertility program can be adapted for conventional and organic production systems. BioAg programs aim for efficient nutrient delivery to improve plant resilience to stresses as well as increased yield and quality.

Our programs usually consist of a mix of:

  • BioAg natural, granular fertilisers
  • biostimulants (liquid microbial fermented cultures)
  • foliars and traditional inputs (including water-soluble fertilisers)
  • micro-nutrients.

A tree nut program example – almonds

A program for almonds or other nut crops includes a number of applications:

  • An initial application of biostimulants to the root zone during spring when the trees undergo rapid growth 
  • Smaller applications through the growing season & post-harvest.

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Committed to organic? 

Our specialists can develop an organic program for your farm.