Organic production requires a range of certified inputs that will enhance soil fertility and target improved nutrient delivery to vines to improve plant resilience to stresses as well as increasing yield and quality.
A key part of any BioAg program is to build and maintain available nutrients.

Talk to a BioAg viticulturist about a custom program, considering the needs of specific
grape varieties in an organic vineyard.

A custom program

BioAg’s range of liquid biostimulants provide a source of plant available amino acids, carbohydrates, humic substances and enzymes. Each product in the
range has been developed to support different stages of plant growth and
build resilience to related abiotic stresses.

  • Soil & Seed Organic feeds soil microbes and stimulates root growth improving access to nutrients and moisture.
  • Foliar Balance & Grow Organic stimulates vegetative growth including bud development (reducing primary bud necrosis), flowering and fruit growth.
  • Foliar Fruit & Balance Organic is formulated to increase fruit quality; phenolic compounds, colour, baume, and acids.

In addition BioAg supplies a range of high quality traditional liquid inputs including HydraFish (fish emulsion), HydraHume (Humic Acid) and HydraSea 50 (seaweed extract).


Nitrogen is the most mobile, active element.

Nitrogen is lost by:

  • leaching down through the soil or
  • volatilising and being lost into the air as a vapour.

When the soil contains enough beneficial microorganisms, microbial activity can mineralise or temporarily immobilise nitrogen in the soil so it remains available to the plant.


A BioAg program will look to build and
maintain phosphorus to support the vine throughout the growing season.

BioAgPhos, which provides immediate and slow release phosphorus is typically recommended. Made from high-grade reactive phosphate rock and our microbiological phosphate digester, BioAgPhos is a highly effective organic phosphate fertiliser.

registered_farm_input BioAg

Committed to organic?

Our specialists can develop an organic program for your farm.

Our approach

1. Soil test

A Fertcare accredited BioAg viticulturist works with you and provides technical expertise on your vines. If you don’t have recent soil test data, we arrange a soil test for you. The results provide essential information about soil fertility and soil structure.

2. A tailored program

Based on soil test results, crop requirements and other factors such as soil structure, climate, history of the block and your targets, we provide a tailored program to improve soil fertility and maximise yield. We support you through the program to ensure that inputs are applied at the right time, in the right way.

3. Leaf analysis

We will often suggest a leaf analysis in summer to monitor nutrient uptake, the impact of seasonal conditions and adjust the program as required.

Program details including application rates

Please download the program to see details including growth stages, recommended products and application methods and rates. 

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