BioAg can develop a fertility program for conventional or organic operations. A program for apple and pear orchards includes several applications:

  • Start in spring with an initial application of biostimulants to the root zone to support rapid growth;
  • Add smaller applications through the growing season and post-harvest to support key growth stages.

BioAg programs aim for efficient nutrient delivery to improve plant resilience to stresses and to increase yield and quality.

This program example for apples and pears is for information and context. Talk to a BioAg agronomist about a custom program for your enterprise.

A custom program

BioAg products supply:

  • essential macronutrients (N, P, K, S, Ca)
  • trace elements (B, Zn, Cu etc.)
  • microbial food sources and beneficial microorganisms that colonise root systems

The result is improved soil health which builds tolerance to biotic (soil born disease suppression) factors and abiotic (drought, heat waves, salinity) factors.

BioAgPhos is our high-grade reactive phosphate rock microbially-activated fertiliser that provides long term phosphorus availability.

Liquid biostimulant Soil & Seed stimulates microbial activity and root growth extending the volume and reach of your crop’s root zones.

HydraHume – humic acid creates conditions for soil microbiology to thrive, increasing soil carbon and cation exchange capacity.

Foliars Balance & Grow and Fruit & Balance support the plant’s physiological processes by supplying bioactive substances such as L-type amino acids, plant hormone-like compounds, macro- and micronutrients.
In composition with HydraSea 50 they increase crop resilience to stress related factors.

In BioAgBor, BioAg delivers a unique form of boron (hydroboracite) as a solid that has very low water-solubility (less than 5%), so the boron will not readily leach. BioAgBor provides continuous availability of boron that will
be accessed as borax and sodium borates and used by the plant over extended periods.

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Committed to organic?

Our specialists can develop an organic program for your farm.

Our approach

BioAg’s approach in developing nutrition programs considers the orchard’s unique nutrient requirements by growth and production phases. We take into account not only the application and rates of certain fertilisers, but also soil conditions, soil biological conditions, nutrient availability and crop performance. Our programs are built around three simple steps.

1. Soil test

An experienced and Fertcare accredited BioAg agronomist works with you and provides technical expertise on your crop. If you don’t already have recent soil test data, we arrange a soil test for you. The results provide essential information about the soil fertility and soil structure for better performance.

2. A tailored program

Based on the soil test results, we provide a tailored program that aims to improve soil fertility and maximise yield response. We also consider when developing your program crop requirements and other factors such as soil structure, climate, history of the block and grower targets. We support you through the program to ensure that inputs are applied at the right time, in the right way.

3. Tissue test analysis

We’ll often suggest a leaf analysis in summer to monitor nutrient uptake and possibly adjust the program, depending on results.

Program details including application rates

Please download the program to see details including growth stages, recommended products and application methods and rates. 

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