Taking the long view

Our programs deliver year one nutrients and improve fertiliser productivity, while also taking a longer-term approach towards building the fertility of your farm.

By year two, your soil’s fertility will be increased rather than depleted, production is enhanced, crops and pastures are healthier and more resilient, and your entire system becomes more sustainable.

A biological system starts to become self-sustaining within three to five years, and you will begin to notice a visible difference in the health of your soils during the first year.

How our programs make a difference

BioAg Fertiliser Programs produce living, healthy and balanced soil, improve the production and quality of yield, and improve fertiliser use efficiency.

Programs are available for a wide range of crop types and pastures. See a range of sample programs below.

If you can’t find a sample program suited to your situation then contact a BioAg Area Manager for more details.

Each program is custom made for each paddock using advanced soil and tissue analysis.

Programs typically incorporate a range of BioAg solid natural fertilisers and BioAg Liquid Microbial Fermented Cultures, as well as traditional inputs and micronutrients.