BioAg customer Andrew Raff recently had his family’s story featured in the Queensland Country Life magazine. It’s a great story of adaptation and success. Andrew advocates being open to change, and making the right decision for your farm and family – even when that decision may fly in the face of tradition and ‘the way we’ve always done things around here’.

To quote Andrew: “Farmers can become entrenched in the day-to-day grind and rarely have the chance to sit back and actually consider if there is a better option. Then there are generational ties, and a certain culture, which seems to keep people tied to a way that may no longer be working for themselves.

“What our experience has shown is that dramatic decisions can be taken and that they can work.”

Happy Raff Angus cattle knee-deep in feed (supplied)

The Raff family work with BioAg agents Agrifert and use a BioAgPhos blend on their farm, feeding the soil and fertilising the pastures on which their Angus cattle thrive. Their farm will be certified organic in 2021.

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