BioAg Country – Spring 2020

The BioAg Spring newsletter brings news on recent trials of products and programs; the importance of organic carbon in soils; maximising pasture growth and nutrient content; HydraSea 50 – a leading biostimulant; and how to turn 'rain into grain'.

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Rain into Grain

As we head into spring, a crop nutrition program needs to be tailored to supply all the nutrients that the plant requires to turn ‘rain into grain’. Whilst nitrogen is…

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Planning your nutrient needs

Given the last two years of very poor rainfall, little to no fertiliser has been applied in northern NSW. Even though farmers have had reduced amounts of grass growth and…

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Demo and trial results for all to see

Growers in NE Victoria and SE New South Wales are really taking notice of the effectiveness of BioAg’s products and programs. With extensive demo sites and strategic trials, both independently…

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