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Winter Strategy-Grow More Feed

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Winter temperatures can cause pasture growthrates to drop to very low levels 0-15 kg DM/ha/day Long-term phosphate trials have shown itspositive effect on winter production³ 1 kg P/ha grew 1.7 t DM/ha 15 kg P/ha grew 2.8 t DM/ha Balance & Grow with nitrogen and gibberellic acid are “get out of jail” cards when short of winter feed Growth stimulation can be seen as early as seven days after application Winter Strategy-Grow More Feed was last modified: May 24th, 2016 by Michael Douglass

Reef Trust Tender

Reef Trust Tender – Wet Tropics is one of the first projects to be funded from the Reef Trust and targets the greatest water quality risk to the Great Barrier Reef: nitrogen discharge from the Wet Tropics. Reef Trust Tender – Wet Tropics provides financial incentives to sugar cane farmers in the Wet Tropics to improve their nitrogen use efficiency and farm sustainability. A number of fertilizer products may assist growers to improve nitrogen use efficiency. A Fertcare® Accredited Advisor such as a BioAg Area Manager can provide advice on selecting and using these products. BioAg has funded research and trials in order to develop natural fertilisers and liquid microbial fermented cultures that help primary producers reduce their reliance on nitrogen …

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2015 Market Outlook

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by Anton Barton, Managing Director, BioAg Farmers and graziers in general know and appreciate that the secret to converting rain into quality feed is an ample supply of nutrients, particularly calcium, phosphorus and sulphur in the soil. 2015 Market Outlook was last modified: April 3rd, 2017 by Michael Douglass

Q&A with McGeechan Farm Supplies

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Recently we spoke to James Fraser of McGeechan Farm Supplies in Crookwell. This is what he had to say. Q&A with McGeechan Farm Supplies was last modified: January 30th, 2015 by Michael Douglass

When is the best time to buy phosphate fertilisers?

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The correct answer is when soil tests reveal your P levels are too low. But let’s talk about the supply of phosphate fertilisers to and within Australia. On the supply side of the industry we see wild fluctuations in demand depending on seasonal conditions and farmers’ terms of trade. When is the best time to buy phosphate fertilisers? was last modified: April 3rd, 2017 by Michael Douglass