Gloucester (NSW) farmer Graham Forbes milks 600 Frisian cows on his property Grandview, and has been pleased with the improvement of his pasture which he attributes to the application of BioAgPhos. He bought a new farm with no fertiliser history three years ago, which was growing mostly unimproved and unproductive grasses.  He applied 400kg/ha BioAgPhos in 2010 and 400kg/ha BioAgPhos S10 in 2011.  He topped up with a phosphate fertiliser which was offered as a special at 350 kg/ha in 2012.
Graham Forbes with BioAg Area Manager and representative from Gloucester Rural Supplies

He sowed the new block with cocksfoot, red clover and chicory in May 2012, and is now running heifers on it. “The initial BioAgPhos application produced a significant improvement in clover growth in the first year after application, considering that no clover had been sown at the time.” said Graham. “As the block had no previous fertiliser history, it is clear that the product has helped to build phosphate levels in the soil to where it now supports a very productive pasture”.

BioAg’s regional agronomist, Arron O’Connell comments that “BioAgPhos is ideal for establishing and topdressing pastures, It contains 12.7% P: 35% Ca: 1% S, and provides a high analysis, environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to conventional phosphate fertilisers. It does not contain any water-soluble phosphate and thus it won’t leach or ‘lock-up’, and will keep releasing for much longer than conventional fertilisers. As a result, BioAgPhos is perfectly suited to the high rainfall, acidic soils found in the coastal areas of Northern NSW”. “I am pleased, but not surprised by the results achieved by Graham on his improved pasture”, he said. 

For further information contact BioAg on (02) 6958 9911 or Gloucester Rural Supplies’ assistant manager Mathew Higgins on 0409 916 143.

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