BioAg announces the release of PotPhos™, a blend of 75% BioAgPhos and 25% sulphate of potash, and MagPhos™, a blend of 60% BioAgPhos and 40% magnesite.
PotPhos has a composition of 0:9:10:5 N:P:K:S which makes it a well balanced blend for autumn application to pastures where potassium is needed. The March RRP of PotPhos is $510 per tonne ex GST, ex Geelong, rising to $525 in June 2013.
MagPhos has a composition of 7.5:7.5 P:Mg. Its combines an extremely soluble, rapid acting form of magnesium with a stable form of phosphorus. Suited to soils deficient in magnesium, MagPhos offers a sound option for graziers looking to manage grass tetany issues. The March RRP of MagPhos is $283 per tonne ex GST, ex Geelong, increasing to $292 in June 2013.