Increasing the soil’s fertility is one of the key principles of BioAg products and programs.

Healthy and properly functioning soils help to increase yields, saving you money by increasing moisture and fertiliser use efficiency.

Nutrients and moisture are better retained, and the plant can access them easier.

BioAg’s soil nutrition products help deliver these benefits.

Soil & Seed

  • diversity of micro-organisms
  • complexed food supply
  • for all crops and pastures

Soil & Seed contains and encourages a diverse population of beneficial micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi, yeast and protozoa.

These organisms perform a wide variety of tasks that are important for both soil health and profitable farming systems.

In the soil environment, the total number of organisms, the activity and the diversity will vary between soil types, crop types and production systems, so it is very important to introduce and invigorate a diverse population of microorganisms.

Soil & Seed also contains a complexed food source for microbiology that includes carbohydrates, proteins (amino acids), humic compounds, vitamins, minerals.


Ideal for use in all crops

FertiMate includes ingredients that are  the result of the breakdown of plant and microbial matter, key ingredients for all fertile soils.

These ingredients aid your soils in retaining nutrients and water, and provide a rich food source for beneficial soil biology.

After soil application, nutrients such as phosphorus undergo chemical reactions, some of which lock-up the nutrient.

When this occurs, the nutrient is no longer available to the crop. After applying FertiMate to your fertiliser, it bonds with the phosphorus, keeping it in a crop-available state.

This means more fertiliser remains available for use by your crop.

FertiMate is a rich food source that attracts and is consumed by naturally occurring soil biology. This soil biology exists in all healthy soils and performs numerous beneficial roles for growing crops.

By bonding with nutrients, and being a rich food source, FertiMate increases the amount of fertiliser that is discovered and consumed by beneficial soil biology, resulting in just-in-time plant nutrition.

Hydra Hume

Natural Soil Nutrition

HydraHume provides a single simple and organic solution for building soil humus and increasing soil fertility.

By directly contributing to humus development, HydraHume increases the soil’s water and nutrient holding capacity.

It is an efficient promoter of plant growth and increased root mass, while also improving the effects of fertilisers.

HydraHume rapidly accelerates the microbial activity in soils, developing soil carbon and reducing nutrient lock up.

In HydraHume, BioAg continues to utilise only high-grade raw materials to develop its product range. By choosing leonardite as the principal raw material, we deliver one of the richest sources of humic acid available.