Australian Organic Registered Farm Input

About BioAg’s organic certification

BioAg manufacture a range of natural fertilisers and biostimulants that have achieved certification as “allowed inputs” for organic farming in Australia (Australian Organic Registration number 221).

Any BioAg product that has achieved the “allowed input” status can be used by growers producing organic certified product, and still maintain their certified status.

BioAg’s Organic Range


BioAg's Organic Range
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BioAgPhos BioAgPhos Organic Label
BioAgPhos S10
BioAgSOP – Potassium and sulphur fertiliser BioAgSOP Organic Detailer
BioAg Superb
Pasture Primo

Soil Nutrition

Soil & Seed Organic S&S Organic Label

Plant Nutrition

Balance & Grow Organic Balance & Grow Organic Label
Fruit & Balance Organic Fruit & Balance Organic SDS
HydraFish HydraFish Organic Label


Digest-if for Effluent
Digest-it for Stubble

BioAg Organic Grower article Australian Grain

Case Study – BioAg customer growing organic soybeans

Soybean case study compiled by Pritchard Agricultural Consulting and Extension, as part of the national Better Oilseeds project, an initiative funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation and the Australian Oilseeds Federation.
As featured in Australian Grain, 2009.

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BioAg and some of its organic growers were featured on the ABC’s Landline program. See the episode “Organic Passions” here.

Australian Organic (read more about this Australian organic certification program here)

Australian Certified Organic (incorporated by Australian Organic)

United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program

BioAg organic certification in the USA

The Unites States Department of Agriculture (USDA) administers a National Organic Program (NOP).

The following BioAg products are certified as allowed inputs (fertilisers or soil amendments) for use in certified organic production systems.

Soil & Seed Organic
Balance & Grow Organic
Fruit & Balance organic
Digest-it for Effluent
Digest-if for Stubble