BioAg Fertilisers

More nutrients per kg

BioAg fertilisers are high specification, meaning you get more nutrient for every kilogram of our fertiliser than many others

Longer lasting

Trials and the on-farm experiences of our customers show that BioAg fertilisers applied this year will still be delivering production next yearustainable[

Along with sustaining your fertiliser spend for longer, BioAg fertilisers will also help the sustainability of your soils, with less fertiliser lost to the environment, and less heavy metal contaminants than many alternatives


We do not have a one size fits all mentality. BioAg programs and services are tailored to the requirements of each individual paddock, and each individual farmer

<H2>BioAg fertilisers nutrient content at a glance (%)</h2>

BioAg FertiliserNPKSCaMg
BioAgPhos S1011.41032
BioAg Superb8.46.831
Pasture Primo3.70.337
PotPhos (MoP)9.110825
PotPhos (SoP)9.5105.326
BioAg SOA2124

Custom and tailored blends

BioAg are able to provide custom and tailored blends to suit your individual requirements.

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BioAg is a member of the Australian Fertilizer Services Association (AFSA), and is a Fertcare accredited organisation.

AFSA is the industry body for professionals who manufacture, distribute, sell, store, transport, spread or provide advice on the use of fertilisers or soil ameliorate products, and it actively promotes the sustainable use of fertilisers and soil ameliorates.

More about BioAg Fertilisers

BioAg is a leading supplier of natural and sustained release fertilisers in Australia, containing well below maximum allowable limits of contaminants.

Being a major importer of high grade reactive rock phosphate, BioAg is able to deliver a secure source of phosphate based fertilisers year round.

By producing high analysis products, products can be used at lower volumes, saving farmers and distributors on transport and storage costs.

BioAg does not believe in one-size-fits-all approaches, instead it is proud to deliver fertiliser products and programs that are tailored to the needs of customer's individual paddocks.

Our customer's fertiliser programs and solutions have been developed to deliver results through the smart and logical selection of a complimentary suite of high grade agricultural products.

For example, a proven source of continuous and long lasting phosphorus such as BioAgPhos is perfectly complimented by a high grade and ideal starter (pop up) fertiliser like DAP.

At planting, Soil & Seed conditions the soil and prepares it for maximising moisture and nutrient retention, and fertiliser use efficiency. Tailored towards increasing vegetative growth, the foliar Balance & Grow provides a very wide range of food sources that act very fast after application is complimented by other inputs such as calcium nitrate or gibberellic acid. Fruits & Balance is the final stage in foliar applications, providing very available and fast acting food sources tailored for flowering and fruit set.

Our Trials and Case Studies page provides trials results where the use of BioAg programs has delivered fertiliser and nitrogen use efficiencies.