Digest-it for Effluent

Features and benefits

  • stimulates aerobic microbial activity in effluent ponds
  • digests suspended solids into plant- available liquid nutrients
  • reduces turbidity and increases the liquids to solids ratio
  • reduces surface crusting, solid waste and the need for de-sludging
  • reduces unpleasant odours
  • ideal for all types of effluent management systems
  • can also be used as a silage inoculant or to reduce odours in calf bedding

Digest-it for Stubble and other organic wastes

Features and benefits

  • converts stubbles, residues, and other organic wastes into humus.
  • ideal for use as a compost starter.
  • eliminates need for stubble burning.
  • reduces carry-over of soil-borne pathogens.
  • reduces reliance on herbicides to control fallow weeds.
  • results in a loamy soil with improved workability and structurally able to support plant growth