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BioAg Fertiliser Deals (Summer 2017/18)

Deadline for acceptance 22 December 2017

  • Discounted price for early payment, or deferred terms
  • Avoid the Autumn fertiliser rush
  • Contact your BioAg Area Manager

BioAg traditionally offers Summer fertiliser deals, and this is just a reminder that we will be offering deals to our new and existing customers.

The main benefit of taking part in our Summer deals is that it means you are not trying to buy, transport and spread fertilisers during the Autumn rush, often incurring premium prices or finding trucks unobtainable in the process.

This makes life easier for both you and us here at BioAg.

Like lime and gypsum, BioAgPhos and most of BioAg’s fertilisers are able to be stored outdoors on-farm without risk of spoiling.

They can also be spread early and they will work their way into your soils without loss of efficacy.

To get the greatest benefit, you would choose a quieter period (prior to Autumn) while the BioAg deals are on offer, and transport and spreading contractors are not as busy.

The two deals are:

  1. A discounted price for product collected and paid for prior to the end of December 2017, or
  2. Take delivery of product by Christmas with payment to be made by end of March 2017.

Click here to obtain further information from your BioAg Area Manager