If you’re interested in improving your farm’s yields and the quality of your crops and stock, it’s time to talk to the team at BioAg.

Start at the beginning – understand your soil’s nutrient profile

A BioAg program starts with a soil test. A BioAg agronomist will work with you to build a program that takes into account the test results and your goals for your farm.

Booking a soil test is easy. Find your local Area Manager here or call our office on (02) 6958 9911

Backed by data from independent trials

Our claims of better soils, better crops and better stock are backed by measurable productivity improvements from independent trials and demonstrations. 

Visit our trials and demonstrations page

Grower success stories speak volumes

Hundreds of Australia’s best growers have experienced benefits by following a BioAg program. 

Read case studies from farmers just like you

A BioAg program meets the needs of the farm and the farmer.

A BioAg program can be adapted to supplement conventional farming practices,  to meet the certification needs of organic farms or help conventional farms transition into regenerative agriculture practices.  

How does a BioAg program work?

Our products provide nutrients for plants and for a healthy balance of microbial activity in the soil. 

At the core of our solid fertiliser range is BioAgPhos, made from high grade, highly reactive phosphate rock treated with a proprietary microbial culture. 

Read more about how reactive phosphate rock can be an extremely effective fertiliser

BioAg liquid biostimulants

A BioAg program usually includes the application of liquid biostimulants. BioAg biostimulants including Soil & Seed, Balance & Grow and Fruit & Balance are microbial based soil conditioner and foliar products that contain a range of fast acting and highly available stimulants for the soil, crop and pasture. Improve fertiliser use efficiency, soil health, pasture and crop growth, and pasture and crop health.

Read more about BioAg’s range of biostimulants.

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