Autumn is the perfect time to start thinking about next season.

Better fruit size and quality starts here! Preparing your orchard prior to dormancy will guarantee a good start in spring.

We recommend pruning while the weather is still warm and dry, to ensure wounds have time to heal and reduce the risk of bacterial canker.

Now is also the time to nourish your trees with additional nutrients (N, P, K, Ca). Apply Soil & Seed * to improve nutrient uptake and enhance carbohydrate reserves in the plants so that when the sap rises in spring, your trees have access to energy that will get them off to a running start.

Talk to our viticulture and horticulture specialist Stephan Logoida about a BioAg program that will enhance yield and quality in your stone fruit orchard.

* Remember, if your enterprise is organic, we also manufacture Soil & Seed organic.

cherries on tree
Timely application of BioAg fertilisers and foliar biostimulants will help you achieve your yield and quality goals.

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