BioAg Country – Autumn 2021

The BioAg Autumn newsletter highlights long-term customers results through the use of BioAg fertilisers and liquids, the importance of the post-harvest period, and advice on setting key milestones in planning for 2021.

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BioAg Country – Summer 2020

The BioAg Summer newsletter highlights the importance of summer planning with key milestones for BioAg growers. Get the latest on regenerative agriculture, escorting nutrients for better crop performance, and hear some success stories from the Riverina.

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BioAg Country – Spring 2020

The BioAg Spring newsletter brings news on recent trials of products and programs; the importance of organic carbon in soils; maximising pasture growth and nutrient content; HydraSea 50 – a leading biostimulant; and how to turn 'rain into grain'.

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Which summer crop?
Images from a 2019/2020 crop in the Riverina. Corn cobs from plants treated with Soil & Seed (left) with the kernels extending all the way to the tip of the cob, compared to untreated examples (right).

Which summer crop?

Corn, rice, cotton, sunflowers…?Whatever you decide, a BioAg fertility program can improve your returns.As always with farming, there are risks. The decision of what to plant is one that growers must weigh…

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