The Thinking Farmer – Vegetative Growth

It’s been a busy 3-months on the farm (when isn’t it) with lime, gypsum and BioAgPhos spread over summer, and planting of our cereals and oilseeds through the autumn.

The planting conditions couldn’t have been better with good rainfall before and during the planting window. This has helped with seedling emergence.

I’ve completed some recent counts with my agronomist and have an average plant density of 190 plants per square meter in the wheat and 40 plants per square meter in the canola.

While the coming spring’s rainfall can still have an influence the result, at the moment with the soil moisture profile we have, coupled with our fertility program and the plant density, the yield potential is above average.

To maintain the current momentum I need to maximise tillers per plant and vegetative growth which will be the engine room for the plant, providing all of the energy needed to fill the grain and maximise protein accumulation.

I could simply broadcast urea which is a pretty common practice, but that only supplies one nutrient, and I know the plant needs more than that.

Or I could incorporate a complete plant food source like Balance & Grow or Fruit & Balance, which contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant hormones.

I guess the smart option would be to combine both so that I’m supplying the additional nitrogen required to support the vegetative growth, but I’m also supplying the metabolites that the plant absolutely needs to convert this nitrogen into structured growth, grains per head and grain protein.

This sounds like a solid plan. I wouldn’t mind talking to my BioAg area manager to double check.

You never know, I may need to tailor strategies for the different areas and crop types.