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TopicSummaryMore Information
NewsUpdates from BioAg on products, trials, customers and agriculture in generalClick for more info
BioAg's quarterly newsletter
Surely one of the few printed newsletters still in production? Send us a message if you would like to receive our quarterly produced newsletter. Or read it in electronic form on our website.Click for more info
About BioAgBioAg the company, its history, markets, manufacturing facilities, Board of Directors and staffClick for more info
Biological FarmingIt presents a viable method of producing high quality, nutritious produce with reduced dependence on inorganic fertilisers, pesticides or gene modification.Click for more info
Case StudiesHow have farmers improved their yields, animals and operations using BioAg programs and productsClick for more info
Crop NutritionThe BioAg approach combines the best practices and products from conventional and biological farming to deliver successful farming systems that increase the efficiency and profitability of plant and livestock production.Click for more info
FertcareBioAg is a Fertcare registered and accredited organisationClick for more info
Winter FeedSpecifically for pastures, grazing and dairy. The Winter Feed-Gap and
Building Feed-Wedges
Click for more info
HumusThe essence of highly productive soilsClick for more info
Magnesium DeficiencyPasture soils in many parts of Victoria and NSW suffer from magnesium deficiency, raising risk of incidence of grass tetany in beef and dairy herdsClick for more info
Phosphate RockNot all are the same. Choosing a high quality "reactive" phosphate rock is keyClick for more info
Potassium DeficiencyPotassium (K) is an essential nutrient for plant growth and developmentClick for more info
Reef Tender TrustReef Trust Tender – Wet Tropics is one of the first projects to be funded from the Reef Trust and targets the greatest water quality risk to the Great Barrier Reef: nitrogen discharge from the Wet TropicsClick for more info
SoilWhile the average fert program is aimed at feeding the plant, the soil is often ignored. A BioAg program improves this key asset, and maximises yield potentialClick for more info
Soil FertilityPhosphate performs a number of essential roles in plants. Primarily, it acts as a catalyst for photosynthesis, the process that converts the sun’s energy into simple sugars. In turn, these sugars provide a source of energy for most functions in plants and animalsClick for more info
Soil, leaf and tissue testingAll BioAg nutritional programs are based on the use of advanced analytical services to determine the functional availability of nutrients, soil pH, soil electrical conductivity, soil compaction, plant sugar content and plant energy contentClick for more info
Single superphosphate (SSP) and reactive phosphate rock (RPR)Essentially superphosphate or “super” is a fertiliser processed using sulphuric acid to boost water solubility of phosphorusClick for more info
SustainabilityOf the land, water, and a farmers operation and livelihoodClick for more info
TestimonialsJust a sample of BioAg success storiesClick for more info
Trials (crops and pastures)BioAg products and programs have been tested extensively across a range of crops and pastures. We make the results of these trials freely availableClick for more info
Vegetative GrowthTo maintain the current momentum I need to maximise tillers per plant and vegetative growth which will be the engine room for the plant, providing all of the energy needed to fill the grain and maximise protein accumulationClick for more info