BioAg, based in Narrandera NSW Australia, manufactures solid natural phosphate-based fertilisers, efficiency and yield enhancing liquid microbial fermented cultures, and effluent digesters which are supplied in tailored programs to suit individual farm or grower requirements.

The uniqueness of BioAg products is that they not only deliver traditional nutrient inputs (phosphorous, potassium, calcium, lime, gypsum etc) but at the same time deliver a range of vitamins, other nutrients, and ‘good bugs’ (bacteria, fungi etc) that are the same as those naturally occurring within healthy soils.

The boost of good bugs to the soils means crops and pastures have increased access to nutrients and moisture within the soils as well as a range of other benefits such as increased tolerance to disease.

BioAg products are perfectly suited to traditional farming enterprises but also to those looking to increase the sustainability of their land.

The BioAg range includes approved inputs for organic farmers and growers.

BioAg is Australian owned and operated, and in 1999 as part of its commitment to rural communities chose to commence operation in the picturesque town of Narrandera which is home to both the BioAg head office as well as the liquid product manufacturing plant.

The solid products are manufactured at our quarry facility based in Geelong, Victoria.