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Based in Narrandera, NSW, Australia, BioAg manufactures solid natural phosphate-based fertilisers, efficiency and yield enhancing liquid microbial fermented cultures, foliar plant food and effluent digesters. 

The uniqueness of BioAg products is that they deliver traditional nutrient inputs such as phosphorous, potassium, calcium and sulphur and at the same time deliver a range of vitamins, other nutrients, and microbial food to support ‘good bugs’ (bacteria, fungi etc) in the soil.

The boost to the soil’s microbial population means crops and pastures have increased access to nutrients and moisture within the soils as well as a range of other benefits such as increased tolerance to disease.

BioAg products are perfectly suited to traditional farming enterprises but also to those looking to increase the sustainability of their land.

The BioAg range includes approved inputs for organic farmers and growers.

Fertcare accreditation

Latest Updates

BioAg Country – Winter 2021

The BioAg Winter newsletter highlights long-term customer results from the use of BioAg products, the importance of the post harvest period, and key points for preparing your next summer crops. Get all the latest news here.

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Maximising stocking rate to Capital ‘P’

Gary Everett and his wife Dorothy operate a sheep grazing property at Drumborg in Victoria’s Western District. The property is approximately 460ha with 90% grazed. The property runs 2,000 ewes and 2,800 lambs, and when there is the opportunity, cattle.

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