BioAg: Australian fertiliser, soil health, and plant nutrition products manufacturer

Better Soils. Better Crops. Better Stock.

It was important to look after our soils and see the benefits in our yields and quality of product.

BioAg is an Australian manufacturer of fertilisers, soil health, and plant nutrition products suitable for all types of farming, growing, cropping and grazing enterprises.

About our solid fertilisers range.
About our liquid soil health and plant nutrition products.

A BioAg program will suit all traditional farming systems, giving the added benefit of increasing the sustainability of your enterprise. Ask about our trial work in this area.

We receive a constantly good yield..good tasting fruit which is accepted as premium quality, and we receive a premium price.

For organic growers, BioAg’s range includes products approved as certified organic inputs by Australian Certified Organic.

Benefits of BioAg programs

  • they provide traditional required fertiliser inputs and nutrients such as N, P, K, S, Mg, Ca,  gypsum, lime etc;
  • they do not leach or lock-up;
  • they will still be working years after application;
  • they will improve the health of your soil, crop, pasture or animals; and
  • Our solid and liquid products can be mixed with other inputs at time of application, saving time and money.

Experience has taught me that BioAg products and their knowledge are the key to consistent and profitable crops.

Our extensive product trials regime shows that the on-going use of BioAg products results in a continued improvement in soil, crop, pasture and animal health.

We are the Australian market leaders in agricultural microbial fermentation technology. Founded in 1999, we are justly proud of our motto:
Better soils. Better crops. Better stock.™